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[s3 33 p4] just got the word back from the mechanic... the big problem with the drive-chain shudder they reckon is the viscose coupling at the rear of the drivechain, the price of this baby is NZ$5,000 (approx 1,500 GBP)
!!!!!!! ex italy !!! ****! anyone with a better solution - please let me know... would like a respoinse from anyone who works at NASA to see if they could build a far superior one for less than that, it couldnt be that hard could it!!!!

also anyone with a solution for drivechain backlash please let me know... ps already replaced UJ's

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You'll have to forgive me because I've not owned a 33 for many years now (sadly), but isn't "viscose coupling" where one makes out with one's girlfriend on the back seat while wearing cheap trousers? (I think you may be referring to viscous coupling). Yeah you're right, I should shut up and get back to the 156 section. All the best!

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Dear Dave,

Interesting to hear your thoughts- how much experience has your 4WD specialist had with 33 4wd's or even viscous couplings?

The 33 P4 has been noted for low speed drivetrain shudder even when new, there is a service bulletin dealing with this which was published when the cars were new.

Although I don't have a copy of the bulletin it basically states that low speed shudder is quite normal in the 33.

The shudder occurs due to the different distances travelled by the front and rear wheels when turning- and the viscous coupling has to try and compensate for this.

At low speed (full traction) 90% of drive goes to the front wheels and 10% to the rear, the diff will compensate allowing up to 40% rear drive when front wheels lose traction.

If you don't like the shudder you could replace the coupling but it sounds a bit extreme. The bulletin states that by draining some of the sillicone (viscous) fluid from the centre diff you can reduce the shuddering.

This reduces the drive to the rear wheels and thereby reduces the shudder. I have tried this on my car although not removed as much as suggested. Unfortunately I don't have the exact quantity to remove but if you hunt around some of the older dealers they should have a copy of the bulletin.

Personally I wouldn't remove the full amount as it does change the handling balance of the car. It will change from on the limit oversteer to more understeer like the FWD 33, safer but much less fun.

I can't understand why any "4WD Specialist" worth their name couldn't overhaul the diff anyway- they are very simple to pull apart although I believe the fluid is quite expensive. (not $5000 though...!)

If you really want to fiddle with it- try and find a diff specialist who knows about torsen (torque sensing) diffs- there are loads of 4WD rally cars in NZ- i'm sure that you will find someone if you look hard enough...

Good Luck

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sillyspeed = thanks for the correction, never did pay much attention to my spelling.

damon, thanks for your comments... the guy ive got servicing it is the Alfa dealer in Wellington , seems to up with the play on 33's but as your prob aware there arent many of the P4's in NZ (10 - 15 ive been told) it appears that my new mechanic (bruce) has found a guy in Auckland who rebuilt one, hes tryinmg to get details for the rebuild at the moment... im not convinced that i want to make the changes you suggested re: draining some silicon as I use the car to get up and down the ski fields and need as close to a 50/50 as I can get, some of the south island ski fields have dodgy access roads!

your thoughts however are quite interesting.. seems like i might just put up with the shudder...

its worth putting up with to get out of driving a japa !!!!
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