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Feel like im constantly making a post on this forum haha!

But anyway, im concerned with the amount of vibration through the car. The steering wheel vibration doesn't bother me and was told by autolusso that its normal for these.

However, when in gear going slowly, the vibration is pretty intense, the whole car rattles, it just doesn't seem right. It mostly seems to be when the clutch pedal is pushed down, not when driving along in gear with the clutch up if that makes sense? Mostly slower speeds. On the motorway there is no vibration at all.

I also notice the clutch biting point makes the car vibrate a lot too, which you'd kind of expect but not to the same extreme extent. It feels like the car is about to implode!

Does this sound normal or is something amiss? It had a new DMF & Clutch about 10k miles ago.

99k miles / 2006 / alfa GT JTD

Thanks for your help.
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