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I have been loving me 155 since I got it almost one month ago.

Unfortunately since then there is one thing bothering me.
At about 140kph on highway there is a vibration going through the car every like 4 seconds.
You can feel it first at your feet, then the steering wheel and then the seat.
Needless to say I try to avoid that speed but its not making me happy.

Any ideas as to what is going on highly appreciated.



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I had this on mine when i went above 80mph. Turned out to be the front wheel balance.

Wasnt really that bothered about the problem but when i had some new tyres fitted recently the guy picked up on the fact that my speedlines have been bumped around a far old bit and consequently they where really unbalanced. :rant: :mad: thats why it was juddering at high speeds.

Problem fixed with a couple of niffty counter balances fitted on the inside of the rim so not to spoil the look.

Hope this helps

Andy :)
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