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A fairly simple job I had done several times went very wrong.:(

I needed to change a dizzy advance spring.

First circlip off, small holding pin out (most tiny part that can get lost easily), plate off, then second circlip off.

I had carefully placed the tiny pin on a cloth.
The circlip catapulted out of the special pliers and hit the small pin which flew off behind the sofa somewhere!! 1 in a million chances of ricocheting the pin with the circlip.

After 1 hour of frantically searching for it appeared! phewww:lol: (its only 3mm long and 1mm wide!)

Then putting the small 10mm bolt back on the dizzy onto the block - the bolt fell down the flywheel timing hole (wasn't sure though). Nooooo!
Removed the bottom plate underneath to see if anything fell out. nothing!
Moved the engine forward in gear to see if the flywheel was catching on it - all ok.

Ok I used a bolt from the flywheel cover from underneath to re-attach the dizzy.

Started her up and all ok. phewww

But a few metres down the road I heard a small rattle for a second - scared the crap out of me thinking it was going to get lodged or something.

After that all ok.
Maybe it fell out down the road, anyway I couldn't find the dam thing.

What could have gone wrong did today.

Final result: the new primary advance spring felt much better.
I could set a static of 9/10 degrees, full throttle and no pinging so far.
Had pinging with 7 degrees before.
The old spring was very very soft compared with the replacements I have.


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I guess that noise you heard may have been the bolt rattling along and down the exhaust manifold ......
I hope so.
I was paranoid it was the flywheel kicking it about inside.:(
Certainly sounded like that.

Had a look along the manifold but it was too much of a dark grey drizzly day to see anything properly.
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