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Mito QV, Anthracite, 2015
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It keeps doing stupid things like telling me to come off the motorway at the slip road, take the second exit at the roundabout and get back on the same motorway - it somehow thinks this is quicker (even with a clear road) than staying on the motorway at a constant speed. That's ok when you know the road and ignore it but when it's doing that in an unfamiliar area and the road's are built up it's not that easy to spot on the sat nav you just waste your time and fuel.

It does the job. I use it, I don't use another. Am I disapointed after using a tomtom for years? Yes, very much so. A tomtom costs a few hundred at most, this cost over a grand. Would I have gone with the removable tomtom had I known it existed? Yes, I'd have had the xenons instead.
The stupid motorway thing isn't uncommon, I have a Garmin unit that does it frequently! My father-in-laws Megane's built-in Tomtom does this also.

What you get with the radionav is all the other features, phone, media player, radio, DNA parameters, as well as the Nav. The fact it's built-in is really nice I think.
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