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Ventura springs

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Hi all,
You may remember me banging on about Ventura uprated springs recently (the one's approved by Bilstein) – well I've now got some fitted to my 2.0 8 valve. Compared to the standard springs, they've turned an ordinary handling car into something else. It's much more go-kart like and responsive. As for the ride, it's definitely firmer at low speeds but more compliant the faster you go.

Anyway, the standard dampers seem to be coping OK, although the rear seems a little bouncey without child ballast and their baggage in the back, so I was thinking of swapping the rear shocks only with some adjustables of some description. I'm not sure what effect this will have on the handling though cos I guess I'm going to make the rear stiffer that the front which should, in theory, make it more neutral as opposed to standard FWD understeer. Or am I talking cobblers.
Has anyone done this?

Any thoughts/ideas appreciated.