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Veloce mpg

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Not too bad on my run down from Tadcaster to Malvern. All in "n" mode and helped by the long stretch on 50mph in the M42 round Brum. No real holdups on the roads.
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Good MPG ive just driven 230 miles to Derby then 230 back home and managed 46.4 & 46.2 mpg in my 200BHP petrol which I was pleasantly surprised about
Off out towards Aberystwyth over the hill roads tomorrow so expect the mpg to plummet!
Ooof welcome to the low 20s club. Out of interest what are you getting just driving normally around town / to work ? I’m planning on getting mine remapped to 280
I'd get 55-60mpg in the diesel, probably nearer 60 on a run like that ... :D
But then you drive a boring diesel ;)
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I know - the only way I can cheer myself up is by looking at the mpg figures!
When I go out tomorrow ill give her alittle zoom for you :p
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I'm averaging about 27 over 4 years, mostly non-motorways which is not great but tbh I really don't care on the basis I very rarely see any other Veloce's and just enjoy driving the car.
Your dam right.. I had a 2L insignia before 2014 plate which was really comfy amazing on fuel and cheap to run. Had it 5 years never missed a beat and was a great motorway car. Had a giulia for 3 months now and if I’d have known what I do now I’d have switched the insignia out years ago. The giulia drives incredible and I get multiple looks every drive the thing just makes you happy to sit in. Mpg isn’t as good as the insignia and it costs me more to run but it’s worth every penny
1 - 5 of 21 Posts