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Veloce mpg

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Not too bad on my run down from Tadcaster to Malvern. All in "n" mode and helped by the long stretch on 50mph in the M42 round Brum. No real holdups on the roads.
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unleaded or super unleaded?
Standard unleaded from Sainsbury's
average speed of 65mph. thats rare..
Not a lot of traffic and nearly 100% motorway and dual carriageway driving. Nothing excessive on the m'ways just cruising at a comfortable speed. Not enough to attract the attention of the M'way plod. I even passed an unmarked police volvo!! Only noticed the extra aerial and hidden lights in the grill as I went by. He never even looked across at me.
Off out towards Aberystwyth over the hill roads tomorrow so expect the mpg to plummet!
Ooof welcome to the low 20s club. Out of interest what are you getting just driving normally around town / to work ? I’m planning on getting mine remapped to 280
I don't check around town, but monthly average will be around 35 mpg. I do mainly long journeys.

I'll try to reset the trip tomorrow and see what I get in D mode on the twisty roads!
Yesterday's trip through Wales has dinted the mpg figures somewhat. But there was a lot of single carriageway roads and lanes, with tractors and tourists about. Not really suited to an economic blast through the hills. Reset the trip before I set off.
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I'm quite surprised by some of the figures quoted here....lower than I expected for a lightish four pot car. Some cars with rather more power on other forums I frequent get that sort of mpg (twenites and early thirties) or better. Mid 40s on a trip seems ok though.

Official figures are;

31.0 (9.1) Urban49.6 (5.7) Extra urban40.9 (6.9) Combined.
Lightweight engine, heavyweight right foot!! 😂
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