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VDC Sensor failure motor control system failure

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Occasionally I get vdc sensor failure and motor control system failure warnings on my 2.0jts gt.

The car drives perfectly normally has always been serviced. It has been back to dealer three times yet each time they tell me no faults were logged!?

Usually the fault clears if I leave the car for an hour or so. Although when the motor fail comes up I have limited performance until I restart.

Any suggestions?
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just as an FYI, I had a similar issue, only that I got a few other messages as well including Selespeed, number plate light, immobilizer error etc, all happened now and then, then fiddled with the fuse box and it got worse, especially when going over a bump. cleaned the fuse connections and the plugs going into the bottom of the box, all sorted.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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