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Variator or not?

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Afternoon all,

I've got the dreaded diesel rattle on my twinnie, the only thing is is doesn't rattle at all from cold. It happens when the car is warm on startup. The engine sounds sweet as it revs so no issues with anything else.

I've had a good poke around on here but most variator problems are from cold. It would suggest that the oil is too thin but it's got fresh 10/40 in it which is the recommended. Engine has done 77k.

I have changed the solenoid to no effect and had an oil and filter change too. I should have changed it when I had the belts done at the end of last year :rolleyes:

Any ideas on my unusual variator behavior?
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Cheers for that, it's quiet when driving and revving so I don't think it's a tappet. The diesel noise happens on warm startup and then goes after a few seconds never from cold though.

I've only done about 800 miles since the last oil service so I'll look into that when it's due.

A new variator is on the cards I think as it it getting on a bit now.
My second variator started to go that way. Quiet on startup but drive for 10 mins, stop then restart and diesel noise. I think it lasted 5 years.

Treated it to a brand new 3rd one and all quiet again.
Sounds like it's time for a new one then :)
Yes I changed the oil when I bought it so it will be done on the dot. I will try 5w40 next time along with the variator.
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