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I fitted new GTA alloys to my 2001 V6 Spider, They are 17"x7" ET 35mm with 225 45 17 tyres

Because they are ET35, and shape of wheel, I needed spacers to go over the Brembo callipers, so I bought 15mm spaces - I realise that I only needed 5mm to compensate for the ET of 35mm to match the ET 30 of original fit 17" (or even 16") wheels. Others on the forum suggested that 20mm spacers would also work


The rear offside tyre rubs the plastic insert when going over a bump or turning left, the fronts are OK. I experience the problem on both my V6s. :(

I replaced refurbished on the Yellow car with Powerflex bushes/ new springs/ ball joints/ rods and shocks 3 years/ 30k miles ago, which restored ride hight to standard, but since then the offside rear has dropped a bit (par of the course IMO). The Blue car is still on OEM suspension (its only done 31k) and seems to be level - this car currently has the 17" wheels

I've bought a set of 5mm spacers and fitted to the rears - the issue has gone away :)


I've not had much chance to have a real look (car is in Somerset and I work in Shropshire during the week!) but with 15mm on the front and 5mm spacers on the rear, will the fronts be wider than the rears?

Are my calculation correct?

On the V6 Spider (see below photo of a 2001 Spider brochure) front track is 1508mm and rear track is 1530mm which is 22mm difference, so with the extra 10mm per side on the front, this would mean, with the new wheels, the fronts still narrower by 2mm

Should I fit the 5mm spacers to the front to return the difference back to 'standard'?

Given that the TS Spider track is 1499mm front and 1506mm rear (See photo) is that the reason why 20mm spacers fit OK?

Also, could it be that my wheel rubs because the 225 45 tyres are taller than when they are fitted to a 7" rim, compared to the same tyre fitted to a 7.5" rim?


Rich :confused:

PS I realise that some do not like the 5mm spears because they are not hudcentric, but there is still a 5mm lip to support the wheels


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This can get very long winded, I wish AO had made a sticky covering this. I've tried to answer this many times but all the calculations etc just get lost in the old threads.

It's the same for GTVs & Spiders.

If we just use 6.5J 16 & 7.5J 17 as the 2 std GTV/Spider wheel sizes it will help keep things clearer.

Too many people just post 'I've got 20mm, or 15mm, spacers fitted' without stating whether they're on a TS or V6 & without giving exact wheel ET, J & tyre size.

It's the rears that give the clearance problems & the TS runs a 24mm narrower rear track, 12mm each side.

A 6.5J is 1”/25.1mm narrower than a 7.5J, which therefore sits approx 12.5mm further out & in.

A 6.5J 16 can be spaced 20mm without problems, even on a V6, but although a TS can still space a 7.5J 17 by 20mm you can't space a V6 15mm without clearance problems.

To add to the confusion, over the years it's also possible that rear hubs bought from breakers etc have been wrongly supplied & fitted.

You tried spacing your 7J 17 by 15mm which rubbed & your wheel's ET of -35 sits 4.5mm further in than a std -30.5 ET wheel, plus being a 7J not 7.5 it is another 6.25mm further in so it should've cleared. Either you haven't got any bump stops fitted &/or the 225 tyre on a 7J is shaped differently, I think 215/45 is recommended for 7J 17.

As a guide to help calculate clearance for a V6 I found that after deducting the spacer thickness, & also half of any increase in wheel width over a 7.5 17, from the wheel's ET that I have clearance at -21.75 but not at -17.75. So somewhere in between the two is the maximum you can go. That's using 225 tyres, any wider it's back to 'guesstermating'.

Using this method yours came out at -26.25, also strange it's only the osr on both cars?:confused:

I wouldn't worry about the front track, whilst waiting for my narrower 12mm rear spacers I ran 8J 18s ET -40 unspaced rear, 16mm spacers on drove absolutely fine.

Genuine GTA wheels should clear Brembos without spacers, afterall they were/are designed for the GTA, also aren't genuine ones a slightly larger ET? Perhaps you've got the 8C copies which are very similar?

I said it could get long winded! You could've just phoned me.:rolleyes::)

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