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V6 JTS Lightend flywheel?

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Hi guys i would like to find out what is the general amount to reduce weight on the flywheel by for a streetable car.

As some know im very busy with my 3.6 conversion, the 3.6 displaces massive amounts of torque, about 400nm, i want to trade some of it in on KW and take away a little bit of the super linearity of the JTS motor by lightening the flywheel a little bit, but obviously not so much that its undriveable, luckily the JTS motor outputs 90% of its power by 1500 rpms or so i think so there is room to play a bit, i think a free revving JTS motor would be nice, the torque is more than enough so some free revving KW's will make a nice performance balance.

So in short, what is the average weight reduction for a flywheel?

I tried googling this but came up with no definite results :(

oh well time to ask the experienced :):thumbs:
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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