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V6 COOLING system degrease/flush...

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The insides of my expansion tank and hoses etc are kind of sticky/greasy - which can't be good.

Plus, the car struggles a bit to cool itself in this extreme "hot" UK weather we're having.

Apparently, it could be down to either old Radweld, oil from a previous gasket failure or even mixed-up antifreezes (all by a previous owner, I might add...)

So... I'm going to do a complete system flush using proper de-greaser.

But, because I can't be arsed titting about with mail order, there's no Alfa stealer near me and I'm stingy, what's the best antifreeze to use for a re-fill?

Is Halfrauds 5 Year stuff okay? Prestone 5 Year? Summat similar from Euro Bar Farts?

Or does it really have to be Alfa's own "special water"?

There's two main types apparently - for older vehicles and newer vehicles (can't go by the colours..).

So, what would our many forum experts recommend?