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Used Car Warranty?

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Hi Guys,

Have any of you got experience with 3rd party used car warranties?

I'm thinking of taking one for my 159sw ti (now 91k 57plate)
I had warranty direct for 1yr with my 156 but never needed it (hence didn't continue)

My brother has used warranty direct for years and they have only refused one claim. He had a VW Bora (1.6l 02 auto) and it was a complete lemon.
Claims close to 1k annually, and warranty direct always paid out with only the one refusal. His claims were so high as all work done at VW dealers, dumbest bunch I've ever seen, they just did whatever the computer told them which was always random and bizarre.

I've called local alfa indies I trust and its a mixed bag: most say warranty direct are fine, one says hell no! and recommends an AA warranty. He gave me a couple of examples of WD being bad.

any personal experience or recommendations to share?
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I also went through this depressing research process a few months ago and there are some horror stories out there. In the end I looked at which companies were least discussed in threads as the vast majority of threads talk of warranty companies letting folks down, not many people report good stories they just take them for granted. There are lots of storries around the AA, WD, Click4warranty, Warrantywise and so on.

I found very little information about 'Used Vehicle Warranty'. Now one could look at it and think its because they are small and not used, but they do a lot of dealership warranties and the link here takes you to the non trade part - Used Vehicle Warranty - Car Warranty

I talked quite a bit with different people in UVW and I talked to a few Indys where these guys were used the reports were pretty positive. In saying all that I have not yet used them so can't qualify anything I have said. All I can say is that after quite a bit of research and talking to people I think these guys sounded best, I have Executive Plus on my low milage 4 year old Ti SW.

One other thing - These guys will insist on a pre contract inspection and unless your car is in good working order they won't warrant your car

Hope that helps a bit.:)

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I just had a claim paid for by RAC warranty for a knackered front wheel bearing, no problems. The one good thing with the RAC deal is that it includes RAC roadside recovery, worth a look I'd say.
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