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Used BMC CDA Induction much shall i seel it for?

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Afternoon folks,

Can I ask for some advice please. I have refitted my original air box to the car and now willing to sell my BMC CDA induction kit, how much should I sell/advertise it for?

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If i wanted one i would give about 50£ For a used one.
I bought mine used with a new filter for £70. I collected.

Even thats a rediculous amount for an air filter. But I guess I never have to replace it. So makes servicing easy. Although filters arn't hard to fit or expensive to buy new.
Thanks for the quick replies guys....and sorry for the typo error meant sell. :eek:
Tricky one to price. New they are over £120.

Second hand, tidy and with not rusted up screws and clean and ready to fit, push for £80.

Used and dirty, so needs a £20 cleaning kit and time. Charge £60.

Should find a home easily though.
Thanks AndyMac, will push for £80. Lad at the local garage was admiring it a few weeks ago when I went to get the battery tested, asked for first shout if I was going to sell it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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