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Urgent!!! Chip tuning question!!

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My Bosch Motronic have number: 0261 203 846... is valid a chip for 0261 204 846??

My car have Alfa Code...

Can I install this?

Thanks! :p
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Errrr dunno. Need more information. What engine do you have in your car? 2.0 16V?

What are you trying to do? Performance chip it or solve a problem with a new engine management chip?

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it seems to be a matter of revisions, one Box is rev. 3, the other one rev. 4.

I can just tell it for the Alfa 33 Motronics, there it doesnt matter which revision you have, you can use the chip for all boxes.

I hope it's the same for the 155s, but dont count on it.



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Yeah I thought that too.

From memory;

If its a case of your car running M2.10.3 and having a chip for M2.10.4 then I don't think you can run a the chip in it. There are some wiring differences to the management computer pins. Mostly its just for the EGR control system but there are some other minor changes. You could end up with a blown computer. Although having looked at the wiring diagrams I thinks thats unlikely. I wouldn't chance it though.

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Just read your post again and I have the .3's and .4's mixed up. Chip? is .3 and engine is .4. Doesn't matter though what I said still stands.

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As for the Alfa code bit, I'm pretty sure that its stored in a seperate part of the management to the ignition and fueling map chip.

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The Alfa CODE is sotred in an entriely seperate unit (hidden up behind the fuse box), it just "interacts" with the ECU - normally to hinder the owner not any possible theif...

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Fkcream said he sent his management away to have the code bit removed (deleted) from it. Maybe I got the wrong end of the stick.

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brb!! :mad: I write a extense post but exceed number of emoticons and I lost it! :(

My friend was confused, he said me the xxx"204"xxx bosch code, but is the xxxx"203"xxxx, same of my ecu : D!!

Cost me about 60€, when I install it, I'll post my comments and do various test with chip and without!

My car now is the 155 Mad Max edition, 2 trucks damage it, front left side (from front bumper at the front door) and rear : (. I'm 'tuning" it, using my hands for it and modelling the parts.

The last month my car was: (temp imprimation paint with a brush :p )

But now, my car is very different (and rare : p)

For do this, I use the "aletines" (sorry) from Alfa 75, but, I quit rear spoiler, front air intake and more, when finish my car upload new fotos!

Thanks for all, cheers!

PD: Pictures of the damage.. : ((

On this imagen, cannot observ all real damage, only a part :\

And, the other crash:

On both ocasions, my car was parking, I don't know who do the rear damage (don't leave insuranre info), and I get the truck do my front damage when it was escaping!!

Spanish people sux : (

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Nightmare about the damage! Glad you caught the truck driver.
I kinda like the car in it's black primer, looks more Mad Maxish!
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