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Upgrades to my 156 GTA....Advice needed

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Hi all,
I have had my black 2004, 156 GTA for 4 years now (total 120,000 miles) and was thinking of doing a few upgrades. Please excuse me for asking the same questions that have been covered before, but I wanted a more up-to-date view on what to do/not do.
Currently the car has 330's, Supersprint cat back, Q2 and standard/rebuilt suspension on standard GTA teledial wheels.
I am looking at changing the stance of the car, and adding a bit more oopmpf.

What's the view on spacers?
Lowering springs? (I live in Central London, so lots of speed bumps).
18" wheels? (Always like the jetfin)

What about an induction kit? (I am not keen to remove the cats, or a supercharger, or a 3.8 conversion!)
Skimmed head with profiled cams?
Thanks in advance!
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I've done a bit or research, and some calling around and have another question!
Just spoke to Jano at Autodelta and I quite fancy the induction kit and remap, but after discussing my belts he suggested we do the Autodelta Cam tweak, which adds another 5bhp. Anyone have this done?
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