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Evening all

My GTV (W reg 2.0) has developed a rather annoying knocking from the front end, i've had a look myself and the garage also had a bit of a look when i had the cambelt done but there is nothing obvious wrong. Front wishbones were done just over a year ago and all the rollbar bushes look fine.

The only thing that looks slightly dodgy is the top mounts and i say slightly dodgy because i'm not sure what there supposed to look like!

Not sure how to describe this but under the rubbber caps which cover the centre of the top mounts the metal / rubber bush that the damper attaches through sticks up by about half an inch and the rubber is looking slightly ropey. I'm sure last time i looked it only stuck up by about a quarter of an inch and i'm wondering if it should be level with the rest.

Dont suppose anyone knows?

I've had a search of the web but all the top mounts (on eper etc) look to be of a slightly different design (look to have a full metal top rather than the bush) to the ones on mine.

Thanks in advance.

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