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Just bought a 97 TS 2.0 16v to replace my ailing 92 Lusso and rushed to buy a cheap universal fit back box before finding out about the car's complex exhaust arrangement..

Has anyone had any experience fitting a universal box?
I suspect that both boxes on the back section are blowing; do you reckon I could replace with single box and extra piping?

Or shall I give in and spend £170 on a complete new back section?

Any help much appreciated!

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The middle section includes a small front silencer (just behind the catalyst) and that big lozenge shaped box under the n/s passenger seat.

The back box should be just the single silencer that's visible through n/s the rear wheel arch.

If either of the mid-section chambers are holed you'll need a new mid-section (£100 for Bosal or similar). have a section where you can see what everything is supposed to look like and a 2-day delivery if you buy it.

I have seen Custom stainless steel systems (Powerflow etc.) where the twin-chamber arrangement has been replaced with a single chamber system (a silencer where the first small silencer is but a pipe instead of the lozenge box) but the main reason for this is to get "sound". The lozenge box makes the biggest difference to silencing the car.

I think you need a new mid-section (see Bodyshopwarehouse site for all the gaskets, bolts and clamps you might also need) and then it'll be a case of seeing how your back box mates up to that.

Ralf S.
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