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This may not be a problem.. but when I got my car out of the garage last night the left front was higher than the right front. Yes the car is on level ground. There is about one inch difference in the distance between the top of the wheel and the top of the wheel arch in the left and right front sides.

It's been sitting for a while so might just be due to that...

It may also be due to the fact one of the rear bushes was stuffed, the shim fell out of the centre when I removed it.

Any other ideas? I've checked the springs and they seem ok...

Have taken apart one side (right) of the rear and fitted powerflexes to 5 out of 7 bushes (just the wishbone bushes to do). Haven't put it back together yet so we'll see how difficult that is! Then the other side.

My experience so far... pretty easy if you use a hammer and hacksaw to cut and bash the old bushes out. It's not difficult. The rubber in the shock mount bush can be drilled out.
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