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Hi Folks

I mentioned this in the Sprint restoration thread but didn't want to hijack it too much so I thought I'd post a new one....

If anyone is doing a restoration on their 33/Sud/Sprint and needs replacement stickers for the under bonnet area you may have found that many are NLA. I have found a company in the USA that produce replica sets for very reasonable money (around £25) and am very pleased with my set, here's a few pictures:

Complete set
On the left side, second from bottom on the black sticker you can specify the colour code you need, hence the 130 Alfa Red.

The second picture is a close up showing the original sticker from Alfa Romeo and the reproduction below. As you can see they're pretty close, certainly good enough for me (if you're really fussy, the replica text is in bold and the yellow is slightly different and the corners are square rather than being rounded but I think only a real anorak would spot it)

The stickers are available from: CLASSIC CAR DECALS - Restoration stickers for classic cars.

Hope that helps
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