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Some generic choices such as the Ford Scorpio and Edsel.

Some daft choices that look quite nice such as the Mantis coupe and the Maserati.

Some choices are inoffensive such as Focus Saloon.

Some are concepts, which by design are wacky.

And where is the BMW X6, BMW 1 series saloon, mk1 Citroen C5 and Audi Q7?

Edit: Porsche Cayenne is number 36

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"And where is the Porsche Cayenne,"

Number 36

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What about the Austin Allegro and Triumph TR7?
I'll allow you the Allegro, :D, but the TR7 (certainly when in convertible form), :tut:
Yes, you've guessed it - I've got one. 1981 drophead with a V8 conversion (bored and stroked to 4.2 litres) in bright metallic green and a tan hood and interior and I think it looks :cool: or at least it will when the restoration is complete - so there! :p:p:p:lol:.
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