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Hello I think it's my first post here, but hopefully usefull.
It turns out that Giulietta's 6.5" Uconnect have working video input, in at least some versions. To make some use of that I've created scripts which show video from input whenever reverse gear is selected. Results can be seen on photo, instructions on my github GitHub - gallus37/uconnect65ReversingCamera: Reversing camera fo uConnect 6.5"
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Scripts usage is simillar to updating maps as described on XDA forums, also there goes credit for gaining root acceess to radio.
So far it was tested on 17.07.55 software with older (MORE button, retrofitted into 2016 Giulietta) and works, also preliminary test (blue screen because of not connected video source) was done on 16.11.41 with TCT box.
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