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Does your GT/147 have a problem with the hatch unlocking the first time you open the drivers door after the car's been locked? Though the switch on the dash doesn't work but the remote still does? weird ey?
Do one or two of your windows not work, or go in one direction but not the other? whilst still dropping or rising automatically when you open and shut the doors.
Have you had any of these problems and replaced the drivers side Switch/ecu to cure it.
If so I'm on the lookout for "buggered" drivers side window switch units, I know most of us throw them away or they get kept by the garage that fixed your car but if you are like me, and find it hard to throw anything just in case you might need it for the actual switches or LEDs or whatever I'd be willing to pay a fiver plus the postage for a switch that is reasonably intact, contains all the innards is not in lots of bits, but doesn't work. the odd crack especially to the lower screw point is fine.
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