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Confirm they have either of the following fitted:

1. Michelin Pilot Sport
2. Michelin MXF Sport
3. Pirelli PZero
4. Bridgestone S3

I have Pirelli P7000's on my 17" Supersports which need to be replaced soon.

I need some honest opinions of what I should consider for the next set.

Wear rate is not a big issue, so soft compounds should be fine. I need good dry weather grip and preferably low noise.


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S-03 are by many known as the best tires money can buy, for wet or dry. The only downside is they do make a little noise compared to most others. But they look and handle like nobody's business!

Also how many tires are named after Italian cities and are also called 'Pole Position', I think we both know the answer to that, there can be only one! And most of these things of course are v. important to consider! :p

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Hi Stef
I have Goodyear F1 tyres on my 17" SuperSports. Grip is excellent but there does seem to be some high speed tyre noise intruding into the car.
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