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Hi All,

Just about to part with my 2011 QV but I thought I should pass on my experience with my latest tyres just fitted.

Originally had Pirellis.

Good: Great traction wet and dry, wore extremely evenly and didn't go off when they were very worn.

Bad: Excessive wheel spin taking off and very noisy.

Next was Continental SC5

Good: Great traction wet and dry. Much more quiet and comfortable. Great traction off the line.

Bad: Didn't wear evenly. Went off in wet and dry at about 70% worn. Better at high speed cornering than low speed. Had 2 punctures where I had to replace the tyre. Soft sidewall.

Finally, Michelin Pilot Super Sport:

Wow. That is all I can say. Phenomenal grip and confidence. Bit noisy when you first put them on but bed in nicely.
The car never felt this good on turn in and you can really throw it into a corner. Pity I can't give a long term prognosis but I can't recommend these tyre enough in the short term.
Almost as comfortable as the continentals but far superior in every other way.

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