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tyre presures

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OK don't laugh, I know it seems a silly question to all of you clever people out there:

Just bought a 155 1.6. I has standard Alfa wheels 15''. What tyre pressure should they have?

I didn't get a book with it and can't find any little sticker hidden anywhere.

Thanks for your help.
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My handbook hasnt got pressures for the 1.6 as it wasnt sold in the UK, it does have the 1.7, what size are your tyres as three sizes were avaliable for the 155.


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Hi David

2 people (reduced load)
-fr. 2.2
-r. 2.0

Full load
-fr. 2.5
-r. 2.5

spare wheel (115/70/15- 4.2bar)

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