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Twin Spark, the only engine that runs fine on half the spark plugs

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Just made the test. unplugged coil packs 3 and 4 on my 1.8 cf2 engine, which run the secondary plugs, and didn't notice any difference... might have lost some power, but was unoticeble... was going uphill. didn't test top speed.
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Years ago I changed the plugs on my 155 1.8 16v as part of the major peace of mind service just after buying it...bearing in mind it was running fine and freshly MOT'd anyway.

When removed all four of the smaller NGK's were in obvious need of replacement with little or no material left on the centre or body fact it looked as though sparking would be impossible on at least two of them...the larger plugs showed signs of wear too but nothing too serious.

So I smugly fitted my brand new set purchased at vast expense and went of for a drive expecting some sort of difference in performance...there was none!

I haven't really worried too much about TS sparkplugs since...
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