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hi guys,im just doing a tutorial on how to run 0 AWG cable through the 147 as there was limited info when i needed it.

- remove the plastic panelling underneath where the wipers are
- remove foam water protector (big spongy thing and the suspension tower!)
- a grommit will be revealed,pull this out and cut a hole through the card that is exposed
- start poking the wire through

i wrapped tape on the end of the wire to stop the copper exposed from fraying and making the job harder.

-unscrew the glovebox and pull it out. Remove the wire running to the courtesy light.

-let the glovebox hang down and you will see the wire coming through.

-pull the wire through,leaving enough in the engine bay to run to the battery

-return to the engine bay
-cut a X shape into the grommit and push it over the wire

-run the wire through a grommit behind the suspension tower as shown in the photo below

- run the wire along the bit under where the wing is joined the car,until you reach a fabric "thing" to the right of the battery
- i located my fuse holder here as it fitted perfectly


well the basics :) running the wire through the inside is very easy as the sill trim comes off easily. I did however need to remove the seatblet anchor so the wire could run behind it.

if theres any question feel free to ask! I tried taking as many photos and making it easy to follow,hopefully someone somewhere will find it useful!

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