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We've had a 2005 GT coupe with the 1.9jtd engine for nearly 4 years now and love the cars style and flare. We've had our fair share of niggles which I've managed to sort myself ie EGR valve (cleaned) and a missfire on no.3 injector (poor connection) but this latest one has me stumped. The lower turbo pipe split (turbo to intercooler) which brought up the MCSF on the dash. The pipe was easy enough to replace but after taking it for a test drive the MCSF is still on. Also when you've initially started the car it drives fine for approx half a mile but then it losses power to the point that there is no boost and the car struggles to pull above 3k revs.

I've spent a bit of time doing a search but as yet not clear how to proceed so:-
Is this what is called limp mode?
Will the car need to be plugged in to remove any stored fault codes?
Will it relearn itself without being plugged in?
Will the ECU reset clear the problem?
Sorry for all the questions but getting frustrated now and would like to understand this engine :confused:

Any help from the techy collective is much appreciated :thumbs:

Cheers, Tony
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