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Apart from the Tyne tunnel are there any decent,longish tunnels in the area to have a blast through???

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Tyne tunnel sucks for noise because of it's shape and speed limitations
You want a tunnel that has either
:curved sides and a flat roof
flat sides and a curved roof
which are best for reverberation
Best ones I have used in the UK for this are:
Brynglas Tunnels in Wales on the M4, the best in the country IMO for noise
The Conwy Bypass on the A55 of which there are a few tunnels.
Hindhead Tunnel on the A3 which despite being under "big brother" control is excellent for noise.
Rotherhithe Tunnel on the A101 which has good sound reverb because of its narrowness and better than Blackwall tunnel which everyone loves because of it.:thumbs:
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