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Tuner with rolling road somewhere reasonably close to Luton

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Hi Guys

It's been an absolute age since I was last on here, so hello again and a happy summer to you all!!

I have my Minari back on the road now and I have even used it during the last week to commute in the sunshine, wow top down motoring is grand when it's sunny!!:cool::cool:

Now I was wondering who knows a reputable Alfa Boxer tuner who's good with carb’s, has a rolling road and will be set up to re-jet my Weber’s off the shelf as it were. I need someone within a reasonable distance of Dunstable/Luton, (50 miles perhaps), oh and will not cost the earth as I now find myself between jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have got Brunswick’s website but would like a few more to recommendations and comments to consider please.

Thanks in advance

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Hi - I'd recommend Northampton Motorsport - they do my race car (also runs carbs) and are very sensible! They aren't interested in headline numbers and will do the set up work you want them to do. Probably only 30 mins up the M1 from yourself.
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