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Tredegar House picnic

have posted this in welsh lounge-and thought i would invite you south westers if you are interested......------------------------------------------------------------------------

anyone fancy coming to a picnic at historical tredegar house in newport?, was lookin at the midlands picnic thread and they had a fab time with a barbie and everyone brought food and did the share thing, so what do you all think...maybe schedule it in for end of July ish??

tredegar house has a huge car park and if we get there early enough we can all park together, theres an Asda not far away so if anyone wanted to get fresh stuff and chilled beer...if you are not driving of can pop in there...

cmon boys and girls i think we need to start having some good meets racking my brains thinkin what we can do so if anyone hs any ithe rsuggestions feel free to post them...please...

your ever loving nag a55..tess

Visiting Newport - Tredegar House
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