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In a fit of wild optimism - and because we need to check out the replacement gearbox in the race car - I've just booked for my mate and I to do an open-pit-lane trackday at Oulton on 17th January - for the princely sum of £99, plus £25 for an extra driver. This price will probably increase as places fill up.

So if anyone has interest in joining us, get booking at MSV Car Track Days Home Page - although maybe wait a day or two to see if there is much interest - if 5 or more book together there is a 10% discount and use of a garage for free.

I don't expect that at that time of the year there will be a lot of interest, so I'm not promoting it as a formal event (unless Gaz wants me to ;) ) - I only discovered about the group booking thing after I'd booked - its something we need to do as a pre-season shakedown.

If anyone has any questions about this I'm happy to try to answer any questions, although in honesty its the first trackday I'll have done - I went straight from rallying to racing!
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