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Hello guys,

I have found a insurer that will be able to provide you with track day cover and the best of all is that you don’t need to pay extra for it. One of the requirements the insurer asks is that you not only insure your vehicle alone due to the high risk of track days but your complete personal policy (Household, All Risk & Motor).

As I mentioned above you don’t need to pay extra for the track cover, it only gets noted on your policy. The only place where you might be paying more is due to the risk the insurer sees you as a client like as with any other insurance company. We might even be able to provide you with a cheaper premium than you are currently paying.

The cover would consist of:

- Comprehensive Motor & Household insurance.
- Includes official track days (Timed events included).
- Includes Hillclimbs.
- Any modifications to improve the vehicle performance is included.
- Excluding damage to the engine and gearbox. (If not due to accident)
- Excluding Mechanical breakdown / derangement how so ever caused.
- Fire damage following the Insured Car being involved in an accidental impact.
- Excluding third party damage on track.
- Excluding consumable items (Tyres / oils etc.)
- Excluding competitive driving i.e. racing / drag strips
- Excluding Skid Pans

Excess for track use:

- 5% or R2500 (Normal road use). - Can be waived.
- 10% excess if you have an accident on the track. (In this case 15%).
- If there is no instructor in the vehicle then another 10% would apply.

This is the only insurer in the market that will cover you for modifications done to your vehicle + track cover.


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