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what a good idea i will be setting up the hand cam on the dashboard. i did not think about poeple wanting to see the day but just cant make it if you would like a copie of the film drop me a line.
just to let you all know how the hole thing has come about.
the car is the love of my life but it has come to much to keep on the road. so to sell her i would not get back what i have put in to her so track day car she is. thats how the car has come to bear.
the track day is something completley different my best friend and i were in to bikes big time my friend simon over the last 2 years has gone blind with diebeetis and is unable to drive or ride. bikes and cars have all ways been his love he is not happy to go on the back of the bike so the car is the only way to get the smile on his face.
life can be very hard some times and we dont make the most of the time we have. well i do.and we cant wait thanks for all looking guys
great site thanks jeff

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That is a very honourable thing you are doing for your friend Jeff. Good friends are hard to find these days. Respect!!! I feel for your buddy, life can be a ***** sometimes.

I will do my best to make it on the day, but as its a weekday I am not sure how things will pan out with my employer if I take time off around that time. We will see.

Either way I would love a copy of the video/dvd if you are making one m8, just tell us what you want for it and I'll send you the cash. Also be sure to test the setup of the camera, you dont want too much vibration if you can avoid it. I suggest you figure out how to mount it with some dampening material (sponge) underneath and on top then perhaps using a wide heavy-duty tape on top of the dampening material to compress it so to have good footage when its all said and drvien :D


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