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My friend Phill is trying to sell his rather nice MR2 ( i know i know this is an Alfa forum, but his new car is Italian). Ive seen it many times and it really is a nice example IMHO.... Ive copied the ad Phill has done which is below:

Trying to sell my F-reg MR2. Don't have the space for two cars, and as I've had this one the longest, sadly this is the one to go. Mid-engined, quick, fun to drive. Roof comes off if it ever stops raining..

MOT'd, taxed, cheap to insure. Looking for around £1000. Even if you don't like cars, buy it because it's cheap, because I've already fixed most of it, and because it's cool! Honest..

Please see the pics and make me an offer. Nothing silly, or I'll keep it for another year.

Thanks for looking,
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