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Total electrical failure - Bummer!

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I have just got to recount this little ditty.

I was happily making my way home last night, pitch black, extra large clouds in place, sitting in traffic, closed sunroof from tilted open on '95 V6 widebody and the entire electrical system packed up, all gauges, sunroof, the lot. Only light on in the house was the alternator warning light.

Car still running fine though!

My bottom, and wallet twitched. Pulled over at the nearest available garage. Kwik Fit. Turned off engine and said
" My cars.....knackered!" I then recounted details of what had happened.

Reply from Kwik Fit Fitter, who I am told you can't get better than....

"Sorry mate, can't touch electrics."

Panic! thinks me. Go out to restart car and drive to next garage. No luck, no start, no nothing engine span but didn't catch.

More panic.

Went back into Kwik Fit, first bits of rain falling now.
"Erm lets have a look...." Open bonnet "**** there ain't much room under there is there?"

"No kidding says I"

Off wanders Kwik Fit man saying something about the RAC or the AA!

Now I don't do car stuff, but in view of the utter lack of help available when it is needed, I thought, try the fusebox, after much cursing and swearing I found the Services fuse had blown and caused all this havoc! The Kwik Fit man did manage to find me a fuse. (I now carry many many spares.)

The moral of this story is that althogh Alfa's almost always cost you dear, on occasion they can surprise you.

PS Thank you to the man from Kwik Fit who lent me the fuse. A little help would have been nicer, but a fuse did the job.

Anybody else out there find that garage adopt the draw air in through teeth and run away from Alfas approach?

Just interested!
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yeh me.................only kidding i love to see all you alfa nutts driving into my garage..........

........except you dont.!!!!!! frown

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Tut tut, a note of bitterness.
Advertise yourself.
For good garages, people will always travel. The problem is that so may quick fit garages are full of spotty jumped up buttock brains whos only understanding is......

"You need a new (add long list of stuff that isn't needed) mate, yeah, utterly vital!"

Let people know this stuff.

Where are you?

What services do you offer?

Ball park prices for some common services on some different cars?

Say a full, minor service on a V6 155?

What are your opening hours? Any late nights? Saturdays?

Tell people the info and they will come! (Suddenly feel like Kevin Costner is Field of Dreams!)
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