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Torque software or similar and interface for 159 JTDM

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I have one of the ELM327 Bluetooth devices and a free Torque app on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet. Plugged in the device to my diagnostics socket (it lights up to show it is powered), switched on the tablet and car ignition, selected Torque and I got a message saying it was connected to my ECU. So far so good.

However, the only display is a chart headed Accel which doesn't seem to do very much, even with the engine started. Torque is supposed to offer a whole range of data and displays but it won't move off this initial Accel graph.

So either or both the device and Torque seem incompatible with the car (a 2006 159 1.9 JTDM). I contacted the supplier of the device to ask if it was supposed to work with the Alfa and they simply refunded the purchase price! OK, that was fair of them but I am none the wiser about how to read my diagnostic data.

Does anyone have a combination that works without having to spend much money? People with other cars seem to be able to do amazing things with Torque for free, apart from the few quid spent on the interface.
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After several attempts yesterday and getting nowhere (as above), I tried again this afternoon and, lo and behold, it worked! All the data, graphs, dials, etc appeared on the tablet like magic.

It picked up a fault code for a blocked EGR. Took EGR off and it was pretty sooted up. Gave it a good clean, put it back and cleared the fault code. Unfortunately, although the car still runs fine, the engine check light came straight back on and Torque is still showing a fault code for a blocked EGR. So not quite sorted yet. Will give it another go next week-end when I will have more time.
Another Torque / ELM user here, brilliant bit of kit for the money. Obviously not as good as having the full diagnostics but as a quick look to see a fault and clear it if nothing major it's invaluable. It obviously doesn't cure a fault though so if the fault light comes straight back you do have something that needs looking at.
it locks the car, you have to JB for iOS and use roqyBT4 and pay 5€, and dashCommand ~40$ but, when it comm. car doesnt run. if its running, engine shuts down with all the lights, so scary that I cannot continue. How can you do it? Can you tell
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