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Today we collected our new Giuletta :)

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Yes there is a typo in the thread title...

Hello All,

After 10 weeks of waiting our Giulietta was ready for collection today. So without further delay I present some quick and dirty snaps of our new family addition. She sits alongside a Volkswagen Scirocco and I must admit initial impressions are very good.

I'll post some better pictures once I've given it it's first wash and few layers of Zaino sealant.

Spec is as follows:

1.4 MA Veloce
Rear parking sensors
Heated Seats
Tom Tom Blue & Me Socket + Tom Tom Unit
18" Wheels

Some pictures for you... :)

Not sure why IMG tags don't work for me...

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Looking really nice.
I came from a Scirocco via a Juke to the G. Prior to picking my G up, my 2.0 dsg remapped to 265bhp Scirocco was the love of my life (wife came 2nd:lol:), but I don't think its a patch on the G. Yes its very German and efficient, but doesn't give me the James May fizz like the G does. I liked my Roc, but I keep looking out of the window at the G and thinking of an excuse to go driving:)
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