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Today is a bad day!

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First of all I back into the neighbours Audi on the drive while exiting my garage, then I try and climb a curb in her and she fell off, scraping the alloy down it as she went, seriously now, what next?

It was bad enough hitting the neighbours car and now having to find a repair man to come and remove the dent and scrape in the rear door, but on top of that I will be needing to get the rim of the alloy seen to!!!

Anyone recommend a good body shop / mobile dent man / detailer in the Peterborough area?

preferabley a cheap one or one that offers a 2 for 1 discount :(:mad:
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what next? a driving refresher course, and less coffee in the morning?
sorry to hear this - we've all had days like this: mine involved a near new 147, a pot hole, an ill advised three point turn and a low kurb. Cost, including resprays and parts - over £500
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