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Toad Alarm - Strange happenings!!!

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Hi All. When i bought my car it came with a black fob with Toad on it, one green button, one black button. When i pressed the green button car opens, press it again car locks ( was'nt sure what black button did ) Then one day out of no where !!! press green button to open " beep beep " i thought - hasnt done that before, then when i set off doors lock ( i know anti-hijack ) and this has been working for the last six months, then today nothing,back to no " beep beep " and no door locking.

Anyone one have any ideas or anyone have a copy of instuctions for the toad alarm.

Any help appreciated.

Simon :)
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The Toad alarm isn't a standard fit, you'll need to find out what model you have fitted, find the alarm ECU. Try the usual loctions, centre console behind the radio, under the plastic cowl in the engine bay(offside) or behind the instrument cluster.
the black button on the remote turns off the beeping when you lock/unlock the car if you press that first, you'll also find if you hold the black button for 3-4 seconds ( assuming it's been wired in correctly) it should open the boot also, i have the same alarm system, assuming it's not an ancient fit there's 2 main toad systems to my knowledge the basic A101 which i have fitted to mine and then the thatcham approved systems, not 100% sure but i think the thatcham ones have more than just the 1 green and 1 black buttons, so it's likely it's just the basic system... which is still very effect
Hi Pal, tried pressing both buttons in all sorts of combinations and still nothing, and the boot defo does'nt open !! back to the drawing board. Might have to find some big pot holes to drive through and jolt it back on. Would'nt mind looking at yours, are you going to the ice cream meet ?? if so will catch up with you then.

yes i'll be there, you're more than welcome to have a look, i'll see if i can find out my user manual i'l bring it with me if i can, not making any promises as i've not seen it for months but i'll have a look for it ;)
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