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Welcome back 155 Section, you were really missed.

If you can see lots of threads here you dont need to worry about reading on unless you want to, but if you cannot see many threads here or none except this one, you do need to read on.

To view threads in the recently imported lounge, you may need to manually change the thread cut off option on the bottom left of the page that you just came from. This is because this has no posts in this lounge since August 2006 therefore it will take a little while to populate again. If you are having trouble still, come back and use this link:

Or if you prefer to make "Show all threads" permanent, go to your user cp and look for your Thread Display Options and change Default Thread Age Cut Off to Show All Theads.

You will now be able to see all the old 155 threads every time you visit, however, this is at a slight cost in thread loading times.

Hope this has been helpful

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