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2017 Guila 2.0 Tbi Lusso spec, 1972 S2 Spider Junior, wife drives 939 Spider, + Abarth 595
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Been there, done that, wife now has the Venezia base ball cap (rather than a T shirt)!

I'll do a proper report with photos soon, but a few facts.

2730 miles, a mix of French Autoroute, Swiss/Italian passes, stop go traffic in cities and low gear hairpins in the Apinnines.

We zeroed the A trip computer at Calais. On return to home the overall fuel consumption average was 31.6mpg.
Hood up and down regularly (only went up at night or when left parked) no problems. We left Sirmione on Garda on Friday morning with the top down, and apart from when parked up at night it stayed down right up until we parked up at home at 11.30 pm on Sunday night

A long trip like this in any Alfa Romeo cannot be done without something breaking down. That must be true 'cos a bloke in a pub once told me.;). So, yes something did go wrong, the clip on the sun visor broke.:lol:
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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