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To Italy and back by 2.2JTS Spider

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Been there, done that, wife now has the Venezia base ball cap (rather than a T shirt)!

I'll do a proper report with photos soon, but a few facts.

2730 miles, a mix of French Autoroute, Swiss/Italian passes, stop go traffic in cities and low gear hairpins in the Apinnines.

We zeroed the A trip computer at Calais. On return to home the overall fuel consumption average was 31.6mpg.
Hood up and down regularly (only went up at night or when left parked) no problems. We left Sirmione on Garda on Friday morning with the top down, and apart from when parked up at night it stayed down right up until we parked up at home at 11.30 pm on Sunday night

A long trip like this in any Alfa Romeo cannot be done without something breaking down. That must be true 'cos a bloke in a pub once told me.;). So, yes something did go wrong, the clip on the sun visor broke.:lol:
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Wow, something I've always dreamed of doing in my Spider but didn't think it was worth the gamble with things likely to go wrong with it - I'd never be able to relax and enjoy the holiday!

Good to hear you had no problems, and 31.6 mpg isn't bad at all.

Looking forward to seeing some pics.
I've just got back from a week in Bordeaux, 1700 mile round trip, mixture of autoroute and country roads and I got 26mpg. But that's including setting the cruise control to 100mph for the final 120 miles whilst trying to catch our ferry back thanks to being stuck at a closed toll for 2 hrs! Nothing went wrong and got many admiring looks.
Great to hear she made it back in one piece! Also did a recent Italy trip, few weeks ago now - Across from Calais to the Nurburgring (Although I wimped out and rented a track car as too scared to take my girl around!) German side of the border down to Garda (taking in the Gottard pass of course), then back via Monaco where I drove the track, and up Mont Blanc and through Paris.

Can also happily say nothing broke (Although I did hear a 'noise' once or twice, but my mate couldn't so I'll hold judgement there...!)
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