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To grease or not to grease is the question ?

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Hi to all,
I will be in the process of fitting polybushes to all of the rear end suspension joints over the next few weeks and just wanted to know does any of the assembly of the joints require greasing.
Surely there needs to be some sort of rotational movement ie upper up and down on the outboard end of the wishbone ?
I am refering to all the bushes fitted into their relevant parts but do you grease the assemblies as they go into the subframe etc
just wondering as i did my gtv a while ago and did not grease anythink ?
Im guessing that the metal lining sleeve obviously stops you squashing the bushes so to speak but if all the joints are dry and you bolt up with the car jacked up surely the suspension will remain in that position or close when the car is lowered down ?
Suppose answer is to tighten all the joints when car is sat under its own weight ?
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Grease everything and grease it well. Read my project thread in the image lounge and you will see why.
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