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I have a 99 T reg 2.4 JTD with 132k on the clock. I was checking last years MOT the other day and noticed that it had a list of advisories as long as your arm, time to sell up and cut my losses i thought.
Today on the way home from Stockton to Durham it shredded a tyre on the A689 and i was knelt in the mud and rain putting on the spacesaver wheel swearing like a trooper! I threw the wheel in the boot along with the jack/tools and slammed my door, turned my key pulled away and pondered the cost of 2 front tyres (to be fair these needed replacing) when i smiled at how she drove and decided to spend the cash and just keep her.

My question is how much can i expect to pay from a reputable indie for the following:-
Cambelt service (and will waterpump need doing as its a 10v model?)
Full service
New discs all round

Also is Justin at QST about the best around? (Northeast crew can advise please)

I guess it's going to be pricey but she drives nice, will get nothing for her with the work that will need doing and when i floor it (remapped) it still put's a smile on my face everytime.
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