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Going to be fitting a set of side skirts this week while this weather holds up, using Tigerseal. Has anyone used this stuff before, and if so how long does it need to be clamped/pressure applied?
I will not be driving the car for at least 36 hours but have worked out some clamps to hold them in place but they need the doors to be open and obviously don't want to sleep in the car.

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Not long........I think I just used a jack and wood to hold mine in place.

Make sure sure you have lots of old cloths ready along with panel wipe to remove any unwanted tiger seal......its solid stuff.

If applying to paint....sand the paint down where the tiger seal will be and clean it with that panel wide.....two people to hold and adjust it in place...

I am sure I was driving my car the next day - fitted it in the morning!
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