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Changed rear brake discs, pads and Goodridge s/s hoses on 156 along with one handbrake cable (that would have been two had they sent both!). So the last set lasted over 80K miles and the old ones still had meat on the pads and the discs were just within wear tolerance (they were Lucas Delphi parts). One pad was worn more and I think the o/s disc had a bit of a warp as the handbrake was sticking due to a very badly corroded cable.

Found one exhaust rubber busted near the cat.

Broke the clip at the back of the handbrake gaiter fitting surround (luckily had a spare in the garage).

And took a pic of the dent that I have in the ali undertray that I posted about a couple of months back. It's pretty crumpled on the drivers side near the rear mounting (which has lost another fitting bolt!! That's three!! Tie-wrapped for now to stop it rattling.)

Still to do: swap the front hoses for Goodridge, fit the n/s handbrake cable when it arrives, get a new exhaust rubber, replace rear hub bushes with Powerflex items which are in garage, and knock the dent out the undertray!

Then I might look at changing the front shocks (well they are 11 years old ... got my eyes on some Bilstein B6s), and replace the side skirts (was hoping for some warm weather!). Then replace one a/c hose and get that recharged. Then if it still knocks, get a new a/r bar or try and replace the bushes, although my a/r bar has the welded on flanges which I think are harder to do .. if not impossible.

And the grand old dame's mileage: 158,700!!

And still found time to view a house with my daughter (for her), watched F1 qualifying yesterday and race today (go Jenson!), watched Man U slaughter Arsenal (8-2!!!), and rebuild two laptops! (Mind you the latter was doing that while watching the footie!)

This evening I shall have a beer! :cool:
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