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Everything in the picture was removed over the last couple of days and will be renewed with all new parts, mostly!

The day before I started every nut and bolt was dowsed in releasing oil.
It took about two hours just get the car supported on axle stands,because there would be no subrame for support i had to improvise with a really thick piece of wood that is the width of the car.With two axle stands under the wooden support and one supporting the gearbox i felt confident that the heavy V6 wasn't going to act as a giant pendulum.

Front suspension removal:
All came off relatively easily, if it wouldn’t undue it was cut off as most of it was going in the bin.
I took it really easy with the top mounts, eased back and forth with plenty of oil on the nuts (that’s not meant to sound as rude as it appears), the bolts are super soft and as others have found they shear so easily.
The drive shafts,calpers and hubs are secured with ratchet straps.
I cant add anymore than has been said on here really, pretty straight forward.

Front suspension dissasembley and assembley:

The first strut was reasonbly easy, springs held with commpressor tools and the top mount nut spun off with an air gun.The second strut was a real pain, even with the air gun and compressor set to max it wouldnt budge,i resorted to the old fashioned back street garage way, made sure the springs were held securley compressed and cut the shock absorber shaft in half.I dont recommend this method to anyone as its a bit squeaky bum if the springs let go, as it was only me who was going to get hurt i took the risk.
Ive built up the right hand side now with all new parts, shock, spring, top mount, bump stop and gaiters ect.
The top mount hex is definatley a 7mm not 6mm as stated in the manual, other than that no issues.
The left hand one is more of an issue as i couldnt source a new LH top mount anywhere, the old one i took off is reasonable, no side movement and it spins freely though it doesnt feel as tight as the new one, however as i have no choice its getting some paint and the bearing packed with as much grease as i can force in.Its not ideal but i dont think any other second hand ones would be any better, bit of a bugger really as i loathe using old and new parts.

Down pipes and all the exhaust up to the rear silencer were removed.
With the help of a breaker bar and air gun most of the bolts undone fairly easily, as others have said the ones to watch are the steering rack to subframe bolts, its very soft metal and the bolts can snap so easily.I was VERY lucky that with a lot of patience and kid gloves they came out without snapping.
The one bit of advice i can give is don't make the same mistake i did and follow the manual blindly, nowhere did it say drop the handbrake and gear lever tunnel. The tunnel sits over the subframe and there is not enough room to wiggle the subframe out. Once i dropped the tunnel by a few inches the subframe almost dropped on my head !
The new subframe is built up with new wishbones everything else is getting painted.I was in a bit of a quandary about what to do about the anti roll bar, the bushes don't feel to bad but as such a mission to change i am determined to refurbish it.The bar is not to rusty but will be sent to the powder coaters, as for the bushes ive just ordered some 15 mm bushes from SuperFlex advanced polyurethane suspension bushes .The lady said they are definitely 15 mm and for the GTV, apparently someone rang her about availability but never got back to her .Before i strip the bar down i will compare the new bushes to make sure they are correct.

Manifold rear:
I read a members post on this before i started,
Its bang on, its not easy but its certainly achievable.
None of the bolts stripped or snapped much to my relief and off came the manifold.Its odd really as i was convinced that it was blowing but it looks bloody perfect, anyhow i put my new (good second hand) one on after i had cleaned the ports and fitted new gaskets.Maybe the it was blowing from a gasket, time will tell.
As for the front, i think thats for another day as the nuts look really rusty and i don't want to push my luck.

I know its a bit of a marathon post and its all been covered before but sometimes when you've been at it all week cursing and swearing lying on your back you want to share your little triumphs.
My main concerns in order of kick in the [email protected]**s nooo, were the manifold studs would snap (engine out if it did) the steering box bolts would snap, the top mount would be totally knackered. I've been really lucky in that nothing important snapped and the top mount is usable.
I will post an update when its all back together, it will look nicer underneath than on top !

As for the free stuff, the subframe isn't to bad, its not gone through anywhere but some of the bolt holes will have to be re threaded but with a good blasting and paint up it will come up well.
The subframe supports are okay, i rust proofed them and give them a quick going over with hamerite last year.
Most of the suspension bits are really past it and I'm keeping the manifolds and top mount for now.
I could probably sell the bits on ebay but i cant be arsed and if i can help anyone out your welcome to them. (pick up only from Lancashire).

Sorry for the ramble but my fingers are black and blue, back aching and the missus thinks Iv'e just been messing with the old car !


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